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Pregnant woman holds green sprout plant near her belly as symbol of new life, wellbeing

Birth Preparation

Research has shown positive outcomes for pregnant women who participate in childbirth preparedness sessions. Birth Preparation is a form of prenatal wellness that takes place when you reach 35 weeks of pregnancy. The goal of birth prep is to prepare the body for birth in order to decrease risks of injury and complications as well as to improve confidence and positivity going into labor and delivery.

What is included in a Birth Preparation session?


Stages of Labor

In-depth education and visuals on the stages of labor and the biomechanics that must occur at the pelvis to allow for smooth progression of labor. 


Birthing Positions

Education on birthing positions for promoting efficient labor as well as education on pain relieving techniques during each stage of labor (involves training with birth partner if interested).


Perineal Massage

Education and instruction on perineal massage to prepare the pelvic floor for labor. Studies show that women who prepare with perineal massage experience decreased tearing during labor.


Pushing Techniques

Education and hands on practice on proper pushing techniques which involve deep breathing and pelvic floor relaxation for effective and safe pushing during labor.


Exercise Guidance

Education and guidance on an exercise plan for the last four/five weeks of pregnancy in order to prepare for labor. Focuses on stretching and relaxation of the surrounding pelvic musculature.


Manual Therapy

Soft tissue mobilizations and stretches focused on the ribs, hips, pelvis, and pelvic floor to promote lengthening and relaxation in preparation for labor.

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