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Pilates is a form of mind-body exercise that focuses on breath, stability, and alignment while promoting a balance of strength and mobility. At Rooted, our Pilates classes are all on the reformer and boast small class sizes for increased individual attention. 

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Rooted Flow Beginner or Intermediate

This is a beginner or intermediate Pilates class that focuses on the fundamental Pilates principles as a full body workout. This class places major emphasis on technique and form. Progressions and regressions will be given throughout the class.

Mom with Baby Carriage

Rooted Mama Reformer Class

This is a class specifically designed for moms! Led by a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, this one of a kind class focuses on all the needs a postpartum mom. From rebuilding and connecting with the deep core and pelvic floor, to strengthening muscles needed to keep up with a fast growing baby. 

Babies in strollers or bouncers are more than welcome in this class!

Pregnant woman exercising with the help

Rooted Prenatal Reformer Class

This class is perfect for pregnant clients and suited for postpartum and beginner clients as well. Led by a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, this class focuses on building a strong connection with the deep core and pelvic floor while modifying other exercises with wedges as needed. 

Suitable for all trimesters. Mandatory to receive medical clearance and to let instructor know prior to class if you are considered a high risk pregnancy.

Young girl doing pilates exercises with a reformer bed. Beautiful slim fitness trainer on

Rooted Restore Class

This class focuses on restoring your body and mind with gentle flows and deep stretches using the reformer. You'll leave this class feeling relaxed and refreshed. Suitable for all levels.


Rooted Cardio Sculpt Jumpboard Class

A class filled with upbeat music and good vibes! Using the jumpboard throughout, this class will raise your heart rate while simultaneously creating a jellylike feeling throughout  most muscles in your body. With more advanced exercises at a quicker tempo, this class is recommended for Intermediate and Advanced individuals.


Bring your water and possibly a towel because this class will leave you shaking and sweating guaranteed! 

Woman performing a pilates diagonal stabilisation exercise using a strap on a reformer bed

Rooted Glutes and Abs Reformer Class

If you have questions about services or would like scheduling assistance please email us at

If you want a class specifically focused on strengthening your abs and glutes, this one is it! You'll alternate between abdominals and glute exercises with some combination flows wedged in as well. Recommended for intermediate and advanced, however regressions can be made for beginners.

Important Info

  • Reservations are required to attend a class

  • Pilates socks are required

  • Registration closes 10 minutes prior to start of class

  • You may cancel your online reservation for a full refund 12 hours before the start of class

  • A late cancellation (less than 12 hours prior to start of class) will result in forfeiting the class 

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