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Painful Sex (Dyspareunia)

Struggling to have penetrative sex with a partner due to pain or even just being too scared to try for fear of pain is not something that should be ignored or swept aside. Not only can painful sex be very frustrating, but sexual dysfunction is also linked to depression and anxiety. While seeking help for sexual dysfunction may seem awkward, I can assure you that pelvic floor PT is a safe space where you will feel able to relax and get comfortable. There is no such thing as TMI during our sessions!

Why Is This Happening?

This type of pain is multifactorial, as its causes can include pelvic floor injury (due to childbirth, infection, adhesions, trauma, inflammation, etc.) as well as psychological factors (anxiety, depression, etc.). Any one of these causes can lead to the pelvic floor becoming weak and overactive which can then lead to pain. 

"Pelvic floor rehab improves

genito-pelvic pain, sexual function, strength, and endurance in women

with symptomatic dyspareunia"

How Can It Be Helped?

You will work 1:1 with a pelvic floor PT to:

  • Learn positions and techniques that promote relaxation and lengthening of the pelvic floor 

  • Receive manual therapy to relieve tissue pain and tension

  • Learn how to use vaginal dilators/trainers as needed

Treatment for dyspareunia has the best results when started in person. Online sessions are available after initial evaluation and plan of care has been set in person. 

Source: Ghaderi, F., Bastani, P., Hajebrahimi, S., Jafarabadi, M. A., & Berghmans, B. (2019). Pelvic floor rehabilitation in the treatment of women with dyspareunia: a randomized controlled clinical trial. International urogynecology journal, 30(11), 1849-1855.

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